This is a temporary page to host any concept drawings for the extensions to the Sheffield Devonshire Green Skatepark. Click on ANY image for full view. SHIFT and Click for a new window.

Any suggestions, comments, constructive critisisms or alternative designs can be sent to:- George

21st November 2003
I sent a quick chaser e.mail to the council the other day and got a startling response... a display and public consultation for the entire green is underway!

This is NOT on the council website as far as I can see (searching for "Devonshire Green" or "Skatepark" didnt lead to it) It is a very basic display just inside the door of "First Point" or "Howden House" on Union Street.
This is the big NEW town hall building between the peace gardens and the back of McDonalds on the moor.

"X" Marks the skatepark and "O" is Howden House where the display is up until the end of November.

Here you will find a series of boards with some rough ideas for the green as a whole. Lots of stuff about climbing boulders and performance areas but not a lot about the skatepark. I took some crappy pictures but got told to stop before I could get a really good set. Pictures are below such as they are.
Looking at "Proposals - Phase2" You can see that the skatepark extension is by no means a definate part of the plan and almost no actual space has been allocated for it.

It is essential that as many riders and skaters go to this display and fill in a questionaire to indicate that they want the bowl extending/improving. If the council dont get any replies we may well NOT get any kind of extension at all. If only a few reply we may only get a small extension.

GET DOWN THERE AND FILL IN A QUESTIONAIRE if you can. Bear in mind that being a council building it is probably closed at the weekend.

Let me just emphasise that the following plans are SUGGESTIONS for the new extension if you dont like them do your own and I will bung them on too.

Have a better idea?
There is a large plan at the bottom you can sketch on. The little squares are 1m accross. Just right click and save.

Suggested Concept 1.

The darker grey parts are existing.

Added would be the left hand "A", "V" and "n" bowls; and the simple "beginners" area in the top right of the first, third and forth pictures.

1. "n" bowl would be either 1.5m (5feet) or 1.2m (4feet) deep throughout with bulbous ended spine, curved wall ride, and angled wall.

2. "V" 'bowl' is mainly flatbanks with one half submerged half proud transition. Also possible curved "taco style" grind box on big bank; channel gap, and curved sub box on top of curved end bank.
Centre driveeay on two levels with grind boxes.

3. "A" bowl/pool gets progressively deeper away from V. Top right pool is 1.5m deep, big middle pool is 2m deep and bottom pool is 2.5m deep.

4. "Beginner" area is flat with various height boxes and curbs and rails.

The next 2 views show the location relative to streets and buildings (in red) which explains the funny shape. They are at the bottom because they are quite big and take a while to load so please be patient.

Here's a plan of what is already there, for you to do your own ideas. If I have time I will bung any good ones up on here and if its really good I will re-do it in CAD if you like.

This aerial view is pretty old (before the skatepark was built) but it should help a bit. Click on it to visit a newer bigger image.


1. The area we are most likely to get is the bit where I put the "A" shaped pool.
The bit where I put the "n" shaped bowl is less likely.

2. The bit directly below the existing part is a car park and the blocky red bits are buildings so forget it.

3. Each little square is 1m accross, try to keep to scale.

4. The blank plan can also be provided as a range of 3d files if needed, just mail me.